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Theo's first impressions

Theo, 27/07/2021

My name is Theo Mahlke - I am 18 years, from Germany and I just finished school this year.

After school I actually wanted to go on a big trip to many different countries, but because of the pandemic-situation I thought it would be better to stay at one location, which is the reason why I ended up here in Rota Jovem.

So before and while the flight I was quite nervous, because I was going to a place I have never been to and with people I never met. But when I arrived and met the first people from the organisation I felt totally calm and comfortable. Since than I focused on observing all the new things and adapt to the new situation as good as possible. After arriving at my house/my room I rested and felt very curious about everything that would happen in the next year.

At the next day I visit the office of Rota Jovem for the first time, which is in Cascais and is furnished and organised very nice so I felt home coming there just the next day. During the week I got to know the office and the tasks that there are to do better, but also I got to know Cascais, which is a very beautiful city, by walking to different places there.

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