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Theo & Pasquale, 06/08/2021

We started to go to Torre after having lunch at 14:30 by bus. We went together with Sofia and Duarte. When we arrived at the association “Somos Torre”, we were welcomed by Carlos Stock.

As background information you should know that Torre was a residential area with a high criminal rate. To bring awareness, the organisation created a festival called “Infinito”, in which artists came to Torre to paint the walls.

Caused by the festival, many people from different social situations came together, and are visiting until today to see the paintings, as we did as well. After a little talk we started to go through Torre, while Carlos informed us about the stories and meanings of all the different pictures, that were painted at the walls of the houses. All in all there are 23 walls that are painted in Torre so we had quit much to see.

I (Theo) personally really liked the project and the pictures. I think a picture needs two aspects to be good. First one is that the picture looks good and individual and the second one is that the picture should have a message to the “audience” or criticize a grievance. This is why the picture on the left was my personal favorite. On the one hand I think it looks very nice and on the other hand it the message is that you should not be afraid of things you do not know and that are different from what you are used to, which is something I totally agree and was also one motivation to participate as a volunteer in Rota.

For me (Pasquale), on this visit from bairro da Torre I liked the familiar atmosphere that I felt, it is very similar to the atmosphere of a small village. The balconies full of things and clothes, the old cars that seem abandoned, the people talking to each other in the garden, they seem to know each other, I found everything very welcoming!! Each mural left me a new story, a new energy, thanks to Carlos Stock who was a good guide!! The mural that struck me a lot represents a girl pouring water from a glass, a similar pointillism technique was used in the painting, the colors are better and create a great harmonic effect and make the environment positive, which all these murals do. It was a good afternoon full of inspiration and stories of places and people.

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