Pasquale's first workshop

Pasquale, 25/11/2021

On the weekend of the 6th and 7th of November, I was lucky enough to be able to direct a creative workshop created and designed by me with the support of my colleague Diana.

The thing that I really like when doing these workshops is that in the process so many ideas come to life, both in the preparation process and in the realization process; I started thinking about the creative workshop with some ideas and during the preparation phase many new ones were born, which I had never seen and heard, the beauty of creativity is that it amazes you continuously, and when we are amazed we feel like children, light and thoughtless.

In the realization of this workshop I tried to relate different artistic topics: speech, transformation, fiction, laughing, speaking to the public, inventing and improvising and playing. Both the first and the second day of creativity had small exercises accompanying exercises a little more demanding.

During the first day we met, and we played with the portrait and with the transformation of objects. It is nice to observe how each of us does the exercise in his own way, with his inner world, it is something that I find very interesting.

During the second day we played again with transforming objects, also creating new figures from spots, we then told invented stories of books invented by ourselves and finally we played with the tool of the mask.

On the second and last day the group seemed less shy to me, on this day there were creative exercises where each participant had to talk to the others, improvising and imagining absurd stories of absurd books, it is interesting to observe what happens when you also start to insert speech into creative exercises, new imaginary doors are opened.

It was two great days where we all have, including myself, learnt something new about ourselves, others and the world of creativity.