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Pasquale's first impressions

Pasquale, 27/07/2021

It is the first time that I do a work experience out of Italy.

In the first days, I was very confused because I don’t understand English well, but after fifteen days I am able to understand better and speak.

Coming to a new place is helping me to use my “hidden” energy and to better understand my thoughts. The thing that I find more difficult is doing jokes in another language and make myself understood, but every day I learn a new word and new sentences and that give me hope for improvement.

The landscapes around here are beautiful, all small towns on the coast from Cascais to Lisbon they seem very interesting and beautiful. At the moment, I have visited Cascais, Lisbon, Oeiras (the city where I live).

In Lisbon I ate a typical sweet of Portugal , the “Pastel de nata”! It’s very good , and now I eat it often, love this sweet!

I am sharing this experience with Theo, the other volunteer from Germany, with him I speak English (well, I try!) , we share a room and luckily I feel good.

Fun Photo! This Is Theo, looking for the shadow

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