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Theo & the #EUDiscover

Theo, 9/6/2022

On Saturday, June 4, there was the information meeting for the winners of the EU Discovery program. The prize was an interrail ticket for seven journeys within Europe. Volunteers from the European Solidarity Corps were also invited to this event. So on Friday around 6:00pm I took the bus to Porto.

Me and Fabio, arrived at the bus station in Porto at 9:30. From there we headed to the hostel, stopping at a restaurant for Francesinha on the way. Francesinha is a specialty from Porto and the surrounding area and is made of toast with various meats wrapped in a cheese sauce with an optional fried egg on top, which I believe tastes very good.

After we had eaten up, we went to the hostel and to bed.

The next day the event started at 10:00. At the beginning there were some speakers, including a well-known Portuguese comedian. After afterwards, everyone was divided into 3 groups in which all possible aspects of the upcoming trip were addressed. Unfortunately, the whole program was in Portuguese, which is the reason why I was only able to understand the general context. In between there were always breaks, in which I could talk to different people.

At the end of the event, there was another speech by a politician, and a DJ. At this point, I left the event, in order to walk for 2 hours, with a few new friends through Porto, before my bus at 9:00 took me back to Lisbon.


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