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Theo's trip to Nazaré

Theo, 30/9/2021

Hello again everyone,

On the weekend from the 17th to the 19th of september, before going to Lusotopia (you can read this in another blog), I visited Nazaré with two people I knew already and two friends of them.

The plan was just to enjoy the time, see the village and have some surf lessons, and this was pretty much how it turned out.

We started the trip in the morning of the 17th, at the bus station “Sete Rios”, from where a bus took us in about 2 horse to Nazaré. After the arrival, we tried to find our Airbnb, and the way was very much uphill and my back under the backpack and a lot of sun started to sweat more than ever before in my life, but it was totally worth, as the flat was super nice and the view from our balcony was super nice as you can see here:

In the first day we already had a surf class at 4 pm, but the waves were very small and it took me a while to get into it again, after I did 2 week of surfing 2 months ago.

In the evening we bought some food and cooked together, as everyday. The food was always super delicious and the rest of the evening we just spent together drinking some beers and wine.

The next days we had a surf class in the morning, afterwards we spent some time in a beach bar or at the beach. When we came home we had lunch and after we did a nap for about 2 hours, as everyone was tired from surfing. At Saturday we did a walk to the famous lighthouse of Nazare that is on the top of the cliffs. From up there you have an insane view over the city:

On sunday I left the flat at 6 o'clock, went back to Lisbon and left for Lusotopia in the next morning, but you can read that in another blog…

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