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Pasquale's trip to Amarante

Pasquale, 18/08/2021

Over the weekend, from 13 to 16 August, we went to Amarante (with other 32 volunteers), a small town near Porto. We were hosted by "Casa da Juventude de Amarante" a beautiful reality full of young people and excellent energy. The location and the large house are wonderful, the space inside is also very comfortable.

On this occasion of shared life I felt very good, it was fun, interesting and exciting.

In these 3 days we have carried out many activities that have made us connect with each other. Recreational activities, for example being together by the river, going out together in the evening, watching the stars and activities on specific themes: a workshop on compost made with everyday garbage, moments of intercultural exchange through the use of games, language exchanges, learning about new foods, meditation, etc.

It was 3 days full of happiness.

One of the most beautiful things is that in three days you make strong bonds of friendship and energy with the other volunteers you didn't know until recently, I think being together makes us happier, I love these moments.

In days like these the consistency of the days becomes denser, every minute seems richer and as if the "specific mass" changes, and as if you change the planet.

Fascinating convivial atmospheres full of life are created, eating all together, sleeping together, joking all together are things that I find of immense beauty.

After the end of my stay in Amarante I stopped one day in Porto, a beautiful city, big and small at the same time. I found this city very welcoming, with a beautiful atmosphere, during the day I visited its streets and its most important monuments, in the evening I met with some volunteers who participated in the Amarante ESC camp who lives in Porto.

The day after at 6 pm I took the bus to return to Lisbon, even the return was special, all the emotions began to enter the room of memories to make room for the present, which scares me a little, but it is the truest thing that there may be.

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