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Pasquale's trip to Açores

Pasquale, 7/10/2021

The idea of ​​the trip to the Azores was born in August during the ESC Camp in Amarante, together with the other volunteers we decided to do this experience together.

The Azores are islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, they are a good 2 hour flight from Portugal.

The travel group was made up of 7 people, traveling with many people is something that I find very fun, beautiful and cheap, it has been known for millennia now that unity is always strength. We only visited one island, São Miguel.

I was immediately struck by the colors of the island: the ground is black (because it is a volcanic island) and has the ability to make the other colors even more brilliant, especially the green, the blue of the ocean. and the white of the sea foam, I find there is a high contrast of colors. To this game of contrasts on the island are added the many cows with black and white spots that complete the play of colors which in my opinion is a characterizing aspect of the island. These cows produce delicious local cheeses, which we gladly ate in our home dinners.

The most important buildings in the cities are built with the black rocks of the island, juxtaposed with white walls. In short, the colors I would give to this island are white, black, green, blue.

The climate during my 4-day experience was varied, mostly rainy, but we were equipped with our raincoats, on the island the weather changes very quickly, and also changes according to the area. In the mountains we have almost always found fog, uncomfortable to admire the view below us.

The island is full of "Miradouros" or panoramic points where you can admire beautiful landscapes, almost every Miradouro is equipped with tables and toilets, I found all of this very tidy and hospitable.

Some Miradouro can be reached with a small trekking route, others directly by car.

During our vacation days we visited the largest cities on the island, namely Ponte Delgada and Ribeira Grande and some villages like Furnas, a town full of "Caldeira" or volcanic Gaisers.

The island is rich in thermal springs, excellent for relaxing hours, we have visited some of them, relaxing a lot and enjoying the hot water even in the rain.

We visited the Terra Nostra natural park in which there are two thermal pools with iron water so that the water appears orange. This park is beautiful and rich in plant varieties, it is a must see place.

We visited many natural places walking in the middle of the forest and encountering wonderful waterfalls several times. Even though it rained for many days, our vacation was a lot of fun, we spent a lot of time in nature, we visited the cities, we admired the views from the top of the miradouros and we relaxed by going to the thermal baths and doing some wonderful group dinners.

Traveling with friends is wonderful, it is a double experience, because you visit a new place, but at the same time you get to know your companions and yourself better.

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