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Meet our volunteers!


From Italy, Pasquale is a 31 year old teacher who likes illustration, music, teather and to paint!

"I decided to try this new experience to get to know myself better, to see what happens when I am away from my home and my family, in a totally new place.

I also left to visit a new country, meet new people, new friends and a new culture, at this moment in my life I needed to change my point of view, even to leave the past behind me a bit.

I see this experience as a few months' break from my daily life, a refreshing balm for my life. Oh! I forgot, I'm also here to learn and improve my poor English !!!!"


"Hello, my name is Theo, I am 18 years old and just finished high school back in Germany this year.

As I spent most of the time in school for the last 12 years of my life, I wanted to do something practical, before going to university or doing any other kind of studying. My first idea was to travel around the world for one year, but when Covid started I realised that it would not be the same as before Covid.

So I decided to do something staying at one location, but still go somewhere else than Germany, to see how differently life is in other countries. So this is how I ended up here in Cascais.

So as you can hear one of my goals trough the year is to meet and experience new people and things, and to adapt to the completely new situation, which worked quite good so far, and I hope it will be like this in the future as well."

Welcome, Pasquale & Theo!

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