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Giacomo em Portugal (testemunho CES)

O Giacomo está a fazer Voluntariado Internacional em Portugal ao abrigo do programa Corpo Europeu de Solidariedade, no âmbito do projeto Citizenship Lab Volunteering, coordenado pela Rota Jovem e em parceria com a Gap Year Portugal 🌍

Lê o testemunho da sua experiência 👇

"Olá! Here's Giacomo again!

Well, I have to say that ESC Volunteering it’s an experience that embraces you at 360°. I like

to say that in order to fully enjoy it, you really have to enter in the volunteer mindset!

What does that mean? Two simple aspects: take what comes and enjoy it, “fino all’ultima

briciola” we say in italian: enjoy it until the last breadcrumb.

I’ve been asked to describe my daily routine, well I can’t. Everyday is different. Someday we

go to the office, other days we work from home, other days if we have some workshops,

talks or activities, we go to another different place.

But I think that this experience is not only about the activities we have in the organization: it’s

also about the people we meet everyday. On one hand I love the intercultural aspect of living the volunteer life; knowing people from all Europe and exchanging cultures and ideas it’s something amazing! (Sometimes It also happens to end on a wonderful trip to the wonderful island of madeira with a group of wonderful people from all over Europe! Trip that of course you’ll never forget!).

On the other hand, as you may already know, I’m absolutely in love with Portuguese

language and culture. Everyday I feel a little bit more “alfacinha”. The best moments are

when, speaking in Portuguese, people try to understand from which part of Portugal I am

and not from which country (yes, I’m very proud of that).

So yes, if after 7 months people ask me if it was worth it to join this experience, my answer

would be absolutely yes. Also if sometimes it was a bit of a rollercoaster with ups and

downs, like everything in life, never forget that roller coasters are really fun!




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